Welcome to localvoucherdeals.com.au
This website was created by Find It Locally Pty Ltd who specialises in 'Community Related Marketing' and it is their intent to

1.  Support community groups with a viable fundraising service
2.  Grow awareness to the importance of 'shop locally'
3.  Support & promote the growth of Australian Businesses
There are three major services with this website.
1.  Access Vouchers - for shoppers who wish to redeem the voucher offers.  You will not only be benefiting from the great deals
     and savings but also supporting local business who want your business.  You will also be raising funds for community
     related projects.   (The cost for this service is $44pa for 12 months access)   (Click here to register)
2.  Add Vouchers - for Businesses wanting more customers and to offer more knowledge about their business / products /
     services / expertise by offering a voucher deal.  All Vouchers have a full page advertisement to fully promote the business
     and in detail explain the voucher offer, rules, show images and location, etc. A Buy Now Button can be placed for those
     wanting to take payment instantly.   (The cost to have voucher page hosted and on display for 12 months is $330pa,
     you receive a login so you can make changes to your voucher advertisement and see hits / downloads / transactions
     Once you have registered you will soon see how easy it is to add content, otherwise we are here to support you.
      (Click here to Register)                     
3.  Promote Vouchers - for Fund Raisers or People who would like to promote this service and create an income revenue. 
      Affiliates receive a unique URL that will record purchases made from customers using this URL and automatically funds
      are raised.   Click here to find out more  
The launching date for www.localvoucherdeals.com.au is 1st February 2022.