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Become a Local Voucher Deals Affiliate Member and raise funds for your cause!

Once you register as an Affiliate Member you will receive a unique URL  eg. which will record any purchases made by Business Members or Voucher User Members who activate your URL and join this service.

Business Members can add a voucher for $330pa and Voucher Users can purchase access to all the vouchers for $45pa.

Automatically a 30% commission will be recorded to your Fundraising Account which is made payable on the 20th to your dedicated Bank Account.   


We send you the necessary messages to share, all you do is attach your unique URL. Using Facebook, Websites, Email, Newsletters, etc. to share the service.


This service will go for years and you receive 30% on all renewals. 

With hundreds of Fundraisers partnering and promoting this service soon our Business Members will get quite busy and Voucher Members will enjoy lots of savings.

It would be my pleasure demonstrate how this service can raise funds for your project, simply get in touch with a Date / Time and Address. 


Jeanette Jensen
0432 106 101



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